II will be offering FREE Author visits all fall! Here is how it will work:

1. Make sure you do a read aloud with your students (virtual or in person) to familiarize them with at least one of my books.  All of my books can be found on Amazon (search Remote Control Adventures by Lynne Silber and they pop up). The experience is much more interesting for all of the kids if they know my characters ahead of time.

2. Click the link at the bottom of the page to view my free 30 minute pretaped Author Program, which tells about my television background, my journey to becoming an author, the writing process, illustrative process, and lots of other interesting and educational tidbits about the publishing process.

3. After your students view my program, have them each come up with a question or two of their own that I didn't answer that might be on their minds!  Feel free to email me the questions at lynnenj1@yahoo.com and we can set a time to do a live 20 minute Q&A session (via Zoom or skype) where I will answer some of the questions that they sent in (at no cost to you.)

Did you like the program? Feel free to pass the link on to a colleague or two! The best compliment is a referral from awesome teachers like you. Thank you!!!