I am so excited about this book!  It is EPIC!!!  This book takes place in summer camp.  It's sort of a camp within a camp.  Zack, Lana and their new friend Leslie are sucked into the TV into the show 'Camp Collins.'  The Producer has teamed up with the evil witch Monica Lemieux and has turned all of the campers into frogs.  The Producer sends Zack and Lana on a scavenger hunt to locate the four sections of The Script.  If they don't return with the completed Script before time runs out, Leslie and the rest of the campers will remain frogs forever.  And to make matters worse...THE PRODUCER HAS THE REMOTE!  How can Zack and Lana succeed without the remote's magical powers?

The Producer and his evil Ffulf army wage an intergalactic war against the Nna Arual people and threaten to destroy Planet Reblis. Zack and Lana are their only hope. But when the Ffulf ship attacks, Lana, Zack and Commander Elocin and his crew are forced to crash land on a remote and desolate planet. How will they find The Script before it's too late to save the galaxy?

This is the 6th adventure for brother/sister team extraordinaire Zack and Lana Landon as they once again try to outsmart the evil Television Producer who has found a portal into TV Land, is stealing show Scripts and rewriting the endings to ruin shows. Planet Reblis is an action packed space adventure.
In this, the 5th episode of Zack and Lana's Remote Control Adventures, The Producer has infiltrated TV Land once again. This time he has trapped little brother Justin's favorite animated characters, The Zeedles, and has begun destroying their beloved garden with the help of the evil cucumber beetle army. Can Zack and Lana find The Script and change the ending, sending The Producer and his evil minions packing, or will the show be ruined forever? And what about Justin? Zack and Lana couldn't possibly bring their little brother along on the dangerous adventure...or could they?