You, my wonderful readers requested apurple book.  Well, here it is!!!

Lana, Zack and their family are on vacation.  The kids are in their hotel room watching TV when WHAM!  The Producer strikes again!  This time he has trapped an unsuspecting baseball team on the 13th floor of their hotel.  THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!! 

When Lana and Zack ZOOOOM into TV Land to find The Script, things go very, very wrong when Lana gets herself trapped with the team...and to make matters worse, the page in The Script that Zack needs to free them is trapped as well!

I won't ruin it for you all, but it's chock full of suspense, vampires, mummies, and even a moss man or two!  It's another EPIC ADVENTURE you will not be able to put down!!!