Book 10: Legend of the Last Leprechaun


In this, their tenth adventure, Zack, Lana and Justin meet a little leprechaun named O’Malley, who has been the target of bullying over thered shoes he chooses to wear. When The Script gets stolen by the evil Count Greedulous (aka The producer) and O’Malley’s fellow leprechauns disappear along with all of the gold, the kids enlist the help of the little leprechaun to save the day. But all bets are off when Zack gets carried off by the evil turkey vultures and falls under Count Greedulous' control. O’Malley and his unique red shoes must find a way to set things right.

And there's a TRAIN in this one! A Rainbow Train to be exact. I frequent the Edison Toy, Train and Hobby Show at the Raritan Center, NJ, and many of my readers and parents have asked for a train to be included in my books.  Well, here you go!!!