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About Lynne:

Hi there young readers!  I thought I'd tell you a little bit about myself!  When I was a young girl I loved watching television.  I worked very hard in school, got good grades, and was rewarded with a few shows after school.  I wished that one day I would be able to work in television.  Well, my dream became a reality when I got a job working at ABC Television after college on the show The View.  I worked with Producers, Directors, Stage Managers, Camera Operators, Sound  Engineers, and learned how television is actually made!  It was an awesome experience and a fantastic career for me.  Well, after falling in love, getting married and having a few children of my own, I wanted to bring television to young people like yourselves but not have to go into New York to do it!  Then one day Zack and Lana (my own kids!) were arguing over our remote control in the family room, and zap!  Just like that, the idea for Remote Control Adventures came to me.